Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skulls, Glitter and Cartoons

While attending an event for Concept LA at ACE Galleries I came across this fabulous collection of art work by The Date Farmers. Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez are the artistic duo behind these collages of Mexican-American heritage and California pop culture pieces. They met at a Coachella Valley art gallery in 1998 and have been unstoppable ever since.  These pieces are so fun to browse through and I definitely insist on taking a visit if you're in the LA area. 

I love you, 2010
Star Rider, 2010
Watermelon Spider, 2011; War Lords, 2011; Playerz Club, 2011; Spider Woman, 2011;
TV Con Cable, 2010; Black Parrot, 2011; Angst, 2010; Santo, 2010; Stupid Dogs, 2010;
Black Water Part II, 2011; Chango44 Nike, 2010; Animales, 2010; Super Chango, 2010; Tarantula, 2010
Free Blankets, 2009; Nuclear Energy, 2011; Black Water, 2009; Herreria Y Balconeria Repacio, 2010;
Guaranteed Laughs, 2010; Family Haircuts Indian, 2010; 7 Up Indian, 2011 
El Tiguron, 2011
El Gra/Espirito, 2010
Skulls, 2010
Crimey, 2010
44 Skull, 2010
Peligro Los Derechos, 2010
Ateteen, 2010
Ateteen, 2010

Keep it Golden!

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