Friday, September 30, 2011

Repeat After Me: It's Friday!!!!

I'm so stoked to be back in the blogging groove again and I'm hoping to have my logo posted and ready to go next week just in time for LA Fashion Week! Soooo excited! To top things off it's FRIDAY!!!!!! All of you should be having loads of fun on the weekend so get out there and do something crazy and unexpected...

I know I will! Keep it Golden.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Current Obsession

Just came across Frankie Morello's latest collections while browsing through Milan Fashion Week and I'm pretty much in LOVE with all of his shoes and definitely obsessed with his collar cuff necklaces!! Check em out!

The cut outs and height are absolutely AH-MAZING! They even designed these sequined shoes you can wear on your head! A bit odd but I'm sure Gaga would be into these...

I want one of these golden cuff necklaces SO BAD!!!! Would you or would you not wear these?!
Keep it Golden!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fly like a superhero

Do you ever watch a film or read a book that makes you want to stop what you're doing and just go somewhere??  So I'm a dreamer...what else is new.  I've already accomplished the task of dropping everything to move to a city where no one knows my name, aka. Los Angeles but I find myself diving into these daydreams more frequent than not...In correlation to my daydreaming ability I've fallen for these beautiful capes. Maybe they can take you somewhere, or at least make you feel like they can :)

David Koma Fall 2011 RTW

Balenciaga Fall 2011 RTW

Hermes Fall 2011 RTW

Chloe Fall 2011 RTW

Pucci Fall 2011 RTW

BCBG Fall 2011 RTW
Keep it Golden!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just watching the time pass

In my spare time I'm a little infatuated with shopping for antique and vintage pieces.  It can be jewelry, clothing, furniture, trinkets and knickknacks. Doesn't really matter I LOVE the nostalgic feeling I get when I bring a piece home with me.  

Well I came across this Chilean born New York artist/designer who had a brilliant idea to turn vintage watches into nothing more than a vintage watch. I'll explain...Sebastian Errazuriz feels it isn't necessary to tell time on a watch anymore due to more advanced technology, aka. cell phones, ipods, cars, etc.  Therefore, Sebastian purchased a collection of vintage watches and purposely removed all of the minute and hour hands from the watches leaving just the second hands to simply show 'the passing of time'.  Pretty sweet idea if you ask me, especially since I own multiple watches and NEVER use them to tell time! 

You can snag one of these nifty watches here or just admire them from the pics I've posted since they are a little on the pricey side (plus there's tons of other fun pieces you can browse through on the website above!). Keep it Golden!

'a small, maybe futile but genuine attempt 
to try and remember that time is passing 
and that day we wish to remember 
that we need to make the most of our time' 
sebastian errazuriz

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall, I'll make an exception...

I've always been a summer baby but with the mass variety of furs we've been seeing on the runways I think I can honestly say that I am so glad it's finally Fall! For all of you animal lovers (like me!) there's always the faux fur option and trust me they are everywhere right now. I'll be pulling out my vintage fur coat for the holidays but these are definitely on my must have list!

Obsessed!!! However, if the an entire fur coat is too much for you there's always these AH-MAZING accessories that are just as fabulous for Fall.

There's no way you can deny fur this Fall! Just look at how beautiful they are...Keep it Golden!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Show off some skin

My obsession with anything and everything sheer is becoming more and more apparent in my wardrobe and online.  Here's just a few of my fave designs straight from D&G, Marni, Missoni, and Pucci Spring 2012 Collections.  Absolutely GORGEOUS!!

I fall in love every time...Keep it Golden!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let me 'uncomplicate' things for you

Awake at 8am on Saturday…there’s either a) something wrong with me or b) too much on my mind. How about option b…I’ve always found it necessary to surround yourself with positive energy and in return good things will come to you. I’m sure most of you already know this, in some form or another, but lately I’ve been in a really low mood and I’ve only recently realized why. (Although, this gloomy weather we’ve been having here in LA may be part of the reason behind this mood as well )

Whatever the reasoning I’m done with the bullshit and I think it’s time to treat myself to a positive outlook on things. What do I do when I’m feeling blue you may ask???

Shop of course! Have a fabulous weekend!
Keep it Golden!

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Beginning...

Hey there peeps!!!
Excited to begin anew with my blog and I hope you all enjoy it! For my previous followers, welcome back!!! For all of you new folks I am ecstatic to have you here :)

I've moved my site from (check it out for all of my previous posts) in order to promote myself a little further. Yay!! Currently my layout/design is still in the works but I hate not being able to post anything therefore I've set up as much as I can for the time being.I'm working on quite a few things at the moment so you guys can look forward to lots and lots of exciting fashionable posts in the near future!

For those of you who don't know me I am a recent fashion grad who moved to LA from a small Texas town.  I love all things fashion, music, photography, design, interior decorating and food -lots and LOTS of food- although some of these things I do more so in my spare time. I currently work for a modeling agency in the heart of Hollywood, meaning I get the joy of being around gorgeous people pretty much all the's a hard life but someone's gotta do it!  This also means that I go out a lot but most of the time it's for networking OF COURSE! Hope you all enjoy reading little snippets of my life and adventures...I know I enjoy sharing them with you :)

Keep it Golden!


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