Monday, October 31, 2011

Such a nerd

What are you all dressing up as??? Happy Halloween! Keep it Golden.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Damn, this wild heart of mine

It's gonna get me in trouble...Lately I've been getting a TON of inspiration from my music and Fall faves from the runway. It's impossible for me to go throughout the day without humming, singing, or tapping my foot to some form of music - and most of the time I'm singing along in my head and not paying attention to what you're saying (sorry, I'm a musaholic)!  When I'm looking for inspiration for my music I tend to browse pictures and websites of anything/everything fashion. Currently obsessed with leopard, lace, sheer, more leopard, crop tops, maxi skirts, tutus...yea that about covers it! Here's a mix of all my fave things that currently make my heart go pitter-patter...

Stay inspired and follow your dreams...Keep it Golden!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's dress up together

It is officially the best week of the year aka. Halloween!!!! I get really excited when it comes to finding new costumes, even though I have every single costume I've worn since high school still in my closet, because who doesn't like dressing crazy or glamorous or whatever for one night (or an entire weekend in LA's case)?!  Since I waited till the last minute to decide on my Halloween outfits I've decided to make it easy and be a glam nerd and a girl scout, everything which I can find easily at thrift stores, costume shops, etc.  Also because I can wear my sexy glasses and put my hair in pigtails (I am secretly a nerd at heart so this makes perfect sense for me)! Can't wait!!! Until I post some awesome Halloween costume pics here's some inspiration from Harper's Bazaar and Tim Burton...

Gotta love Tim Burton! It's an older editorial from 2009 but still lovely. Hope you enjoy! Keep it Golden.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pickles and ice cream

A snack usually craved, or at least heard of, when a women is pregnant but for me I am definitely NOT preggars and I eat this on a day to day basis. So weird I know but I love pickles and I love ice cream, particularly Breyers Strawberry ice cream because that's what my grandparents used to give me before I went to bed when I'd visit (also the only vanilla ice cream I will eat is Breyers vanilla bean. It's soooo yummy)! Another fun reason to love this quirky pair is the color combo of course! Pink and green go perfectly together don't you think?!

All photos via pinterest

Keep it Golden! <3 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Can't get you out of my head

I barely have time to go shopping anymore but I am desperately searching for new Fall coats! Here are some contenders below; although a few are WAY out of my price range I still love looking at them and hoping they will somehow find their way into my closet. I'm currently obsessed with fur (who isn't! Real or faux, full coat or just the really doesn't matter still obsessed!) cape and trench designs.  Since I'm only 5'3'' I have to go for the shorter coats, anywhere above the knee or right at it, because anything longer just makes me look ridiculous! 

I've got some options from Forever 21, shopbop, Zara, and my fave from Isabel Marant (the bottom right in love!) which is obviously the one I want to magically appear in my closet at some point. My more reasonable options that I'm leaning towards are the Zara short sleev faux fur coat, in the middle at the top, and the Halston Heritage gray faux fur coat with the shawl collar, top middle to the left of the Zara coat.  Love love love the faux fur I keep finding! The Zara piece is surprisingly VERY affordable and so classic and elegant in style, which would definitely fit into my wardrobe quite nicely.  I also love the short sleeves which would allow me to splurge on some fabulous gloves! 

Like these Marc by Marc...

Or these Dsquared2...

Or these ADORABLE Forever panda gloves!
I totally want these :)

So many fun options out there!! What are you all shopping for this Fall?! Share via twitter or give me some comments! Keep it Golden :-)

Friday, October 21, 2011

California Dreamin: A Fashion Celebration for a Cause

Last night I attended a runway show at Vibiana in Downtown LA for Fashion Week.  It featured mainly up and coming designers to help raise money for Fashion Business Inc, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing growth and profitability to the fashion industry. There was a sexy collection of men and women's lingerie along with a few other pieces that I found interesting...

Loving the fedora and hat accessories :-)
My favorite shade of blue.

Lilac seems perfect for the bedroom, right?!

So sheer, so chic!
It's hard to see but gorgeous train on this piece...
Obsessed with the color and MASSIVE bow  on this one!
This piece was pretty fabulous...the vest was made
out of what looked like a recyclable material in black loops.
Love LOVE these headpieces they started adding in.
So Gaga-esque!
Fabulous train, bow AND the ever repeating golden yellow
for Fall & Spring!
Feathered skirt and train, LOVE <3

Overall there were some pretty amazing pieces throughout these different collections (especially the gowns towards the end although my photography skills are not the best, sorry!) and I really enjoyed viewing them. Unfortunately with my sickness keeping me in bed I didn't get to attend all of the shows I had originally anticipated but at least I got to post some sexy men in their undies (woo woo!) :-)
Keep it Golden!