Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh, Fall...

It has me down at the moment but I will be back soon enough! When all of my spare time is not spent in bed I can devote all of my free time to bigger and better things like blogging, music, and living my life outside of my studio apartment...

Not my studio (of course!) but love how cozy this feels! The natural wood makes all the difference.
OBSESSED with the dark hue on the wall and the pop of pink as a centerpiece <3 <3
Although I would prefer the bookshelf on the wall to be real instead of wallpaper...
These are the exact colors of my room with the exception of fall I exchange my white duvet
for a dark hazelnut instead.  The blues make an excellent accent color all year round but I love
the option of changing out my bedspread for a different feel for the seasons :-)

Can NEVER get enough inspiration to decorate your home with! I'm dying to do give my place a makeover but I say that almost every's a slow process but it'll get there eventually I'm sure of it! Keep it Golden!

All pics via pinterest


  1. Great inspiration photos!


  2. I love the dark interior with the pink coffee table ... so disappointed to read the bookshelves are wallpaper! Would MUCH prefer for them to be real!


  3. Love the rustic feel to the bedroom!

  4. Thanks for taking a look at my blog, leaving the comment and following me!! I love the content on your blog, the mix in topics. I love drooling over interior images as well as fashion so I love these images and I have to agree with you, I'd love for that bookshelf to be real too!!

    Holly x

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment :)
    I love the bedroom in the first picture.
    Looks so fresh and cozy!