Monday, October 24, 2011

Can't get you out of my head

I barely have time to go shopping anymore but I am desperately searching for new Fall coats! Here are some contenders below; although a few are WAY out of my price range I still love looking at them and hoping they will somehow find their way into my closet. I'm currently obsessed with fur (who isn't! Real or faux, full coat or just the really doesn't matter still obsessed!) cape and trench designs.  Since I'm only 5'3'' I have to go for the shorter coats, anywhere above the knee or right at it, because anything longer just makes me look ridiculous! 

I've got some options from Forever 21, shopbop, Zara, and my fave from Isabel Marant (the bottom right in love!) which is obviously the one I want to magically appear in my closet at some point. My more reasonable options that I'm leaning towards are the Zara short sleev faux fur coat, in the middle at the top, and the Halston Heritage gray faux fur coat with the shawl collar, top middle to the left of the Zara coat.  Love love love the faux fur I keep finding! The Zara piece is surprisingly VERY affordable and so classic and elegant in style, which would definitely fit into my wardrobe quite nicely.  I also love the short sleeves which would allow me to splurge on some fabulous gloves! 

Like these Marc by Marc...

Or these Dsquared2...

Or these ADORABLE Forever panda gloves!
I totally want these :)

So many fun options out there!! What are you all shopping for this Fall?! Share via twitter or give me some comments! Keep it Golden :-)


  1. I want, no, I neeeeed the Dsquared2 gloves, so beautiful.

  2. I love the gloves with the fur, so classic & chic!