Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shine so pretty

It's a known fact that women LOVE everything shiny and what's not to love?! It's attractive and beautiful, it draws much wanted attention to us and let's be honest we look damn good in it! There is so much texture going around this years Fall lines and some of my faves are (guess what?!) shiny and sparkly! So much glitter and glam, luscious fabrics and furs, all being complimented with matching handbags, shoes, belts, name it!  Stand out and dazzle your wardrobe with some shimmery madness this Fall.

Rimondi Fall 2011
Burberry Fall 2011

Alexander Wang Fall 2011

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011
Acne Fall 2011
Akris Fall 2011

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011

BCBG Fall 2011

Keep it Golden!


  1. Who doesn't love sparkly things?! I'm looking for some sequins to add to my closet but it's hard to find something that is not expensive though! xoxoxoo

  2. The Alberta Ferretti one is calling out to me.