Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's dress up together

It is officially the best week of the year aka. Halloween!!!! I get really excited when it comes to finding new costumes, even though I have every single costume I've worn since high school still in my closet, because who doesn't like dressing crazy or glamorous or whatever for one night (or an entire weekend in LA's case)?!  Since I waited till the last minute to decide on my Halloween outfits I've decided to make it easy and be a glam nerd and a girl scout, everything which I can find easily at thrift stores, costume shops, etc.  Also because I can wear my sexy glasses and put my hair in pigtails (I am secretly a nerd at heart so this makes perfect sense for me)! Can't wait!!! Until I post some awesome Halloween costume pics here's some inspiration from Harper's Bazaar and Tim Burton...

Gotta love Tim Burton! It's an older editorial from 2009 but still lovely. Hope you enjoy! Keep it Golden.

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  1. I love Tim Burton too! I find him such an inspiration, I have his poetry book at home and the simple little stories alongside the crazy little drawings is such fun to look through! I have always loved this editorial it really encapsulates his style whilst remaining fit for a fashion magazine of this calibre. I laughed to myself when you mentioned going as a girl scout, about 4 years ago when I was in my last year of school my friend's 18th was fancy dress and I had ordered a girl scout outfit to wear. A few days before my friend had a small BBQ and my close boy and girl friends were all sitting round and my outfit had arrived that day, I had tried it on to show everybody only to find the skirt was way too short and it was all a bit too slutty for my liking so nobody thought anything of it and I just kept the top on for the rest of the evening. About two or three hours later my best friend and her boyfriend arrived for the BBQ and the first thing her boyfriend asked was why did the badges on the girl scout shirt have different sex positions on them. The outfit was infact supposed to be a slutty one and I had been wandering about looking as if I had tried all this different positions and been awarded for it but there must of been about 10 of us there when I first tried it on and nobody noticed until her boyfriend came three hours later! Everybody was in such hysterics, crying with laughter, I remember my face going quite red and rosy!
    Have a great halloween! Thanks for following me, I love your blog so I've followed you back.

    Holly (@pickletreat)

    P.S I'm sorry for writing such a long comment!